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And our next move is……………..

To be honest we don’t know where and we don’t know when just yet. We can however do some general research into areas in the UK where we can get a good deal for the money we’ll have available. We’re … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade

The story behind the Mop Fair dates back to the 12th Century (see this post), but if you were asked what ONE tool would depict your trade, I wonder what you’d say? Mine is easy. Have pencil will travel. I … Continue reading

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A cringeworthy post

We are staying with MOH for a few days so Hubby offered to help him put his fence up. We believed it was going to be a case of several panels like we had in the cottage, posts, a load … Continue reading

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A topic close to my heart

Most of you are now familiar with Maggie and already know that I love dogs (size doesn’t matter) and can’t bear the thought of one being unloved, mistreated or ignored. I always try to see both sides of a story, … Continue reading

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Power To The People!

Well, Me actually. I have a small problem with power. My laptop has 6 hours of battery life, but usually I am plugged into mains and so can read, blog, research via another window, choose my images from google, or … Continue reading

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A DIYing art?

It has been announced this week that one of our major DIY outlets is to close 60 stores and replace them with something aimed at the Building Trade instead of Joe Public. Actually, we as Joe Public use these stores … Continue reading

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Post 800

I didn’t know what to write about today, so posted a couple of ‘shorts’ earlier, then discovered this would be my 800th entry. I couldn’t let that go by without some form of landmark. Despite my ‘old age’, I haven’t … Continue reading

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The Big Cute

What’s not to love? Aren’t they adorable? We saw an adult version this morning occupying the entire back of a pick up truck. The owner, a woman about our age, was taking her dog to work, and as she used … Continue reading

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Back in Time

As I sit at this computer terminal, it is hard to believe just how much I’ve forgotten, apart from the frustrations. Funny how I never thought I’d get used to a laptop, and now I’m trying to come to grips … Continue reading

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Business Lunch

Oh boy, have times changed! My first business lunch was in my International Banking days when the department Director, myself and our visitor went for lunch at a rather posh restaurant. Unbeknown to me at the time, the bank had … Continue reading

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