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I am a Biscuit: a reblog for May 7th WOTD

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
? My sense of smell is very acute. In fact, it was a standing joke at home that I could smell freshly cooked sausage rolls from 200 yards. It was no good Mum trying to hide…

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Tune in to Melanie’s challenge Here’s my offering: Projected images Haunting the mind, Access is limited Not seeing, or being: Taunted and tainted Alluring to the impossible, Silently screaming, Mysterious memories. The official definition:  phan·tasm /ˈfanˌtazəm/ noun LITERARY a figment … Continue reading


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Word Of The Day – Honeyfuggle

No, this is not something you put on top of your ice cream sundae! Thanks Melanie! https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/58053187/posts/2901141883 Honest? On yer bike! Never know the meaning of the word. Elevated flattery Yielding nothing. Falsehoods Unite in your mouth Gaining momentum, Giddily … Continue reading

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Word Of The Day: Soupcon

Melanie is in the chair for the Word of the Day challenge today, and this is a new one on me. noun a very small quantity of something. “ex:  a soupçon of mustard” I would have said it was someone … Continue reading

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Word Of The Day – Schmutzwortsuche

Bless You! Sounds a bit like that, doesn’t it. Young Melanie has come up with  SCHMUTZWORTSUCHE for our word of the day challenge. Yikes!! This was her graphic too, so I pinched it! We never learned interesting words like this … Continue reading

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What a load of rubbish!

Clever word for rubbish: Outlandish way Disrespectful people Speak nonsense Whilst waiting for Applause and recognition, Letting their words dangle Limp and insincere Out of their mouthy depths, Please, make them shut up and say nothing. Written for Melanie’s  Word … Continue reading

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Word of the Day 8-6-2020 Jester

Melanie has given us JESTER as her word of the day today. The Court Jester starring Danny Kaye immediately comes to mind. The scene about the poisoned challis is priceless. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7t0cb6

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Dream : a reblog

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
Not all entries in my Scrapbook were whimsical or romantic. I obviously had a serious side which is depicted by the following: ? DREAM The church is full, I’m dressed in white, Walking slowly down the…

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Maiden Word Of The Day Post

Oh my word. Melanie has pulled the rabbit out of the hat for her first outing as host for this prompt. Check it all out here And our word is………….“grandiloquent” I’m glad she gave us the definition: gran·dil·o·quent adjective pompous … Continue reading

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The Mouse that came in from the cold

Originally posted on pensitivity101:
I’m going back a few years now, before I met Hubby, and to a previous relationship. We’d settled down for the night, and I heard scratching. Partner told me to go to sleep, but the scratching…

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