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Taking time out

As we continue to wait for responses to our enquiries (chased this morning) , our friend has been encouraging us to take some time out to relax and chill. Today, after walking the dogs first thing in the quarry, we … Continue reading

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Sharing their world

Hubby and I have been awake since 3am, finally giving up trying to go back to sleep at 4 and getting up. We knew it was going to be a long day as our furniture was being taken into storage … Continue reading

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Adrenalin rush or what??????

Today started off as a nice ploddy day. We had it planned, blood test for Hubby first thing, get my prescription filled second thing, walk the dog third, then into town to do some banking business, and maybe have lunch. … Continue reading

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Excuses, Excuses

We have just got back from a smashing walk in the woods, having shared a route with an elderly gentleman and his golden labrador, Cassie. His dog is two years younger than Maggie, but has had hip surgery. Although she … Continue reading

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Slip Slidin’ Away

At first, we thought it was just a curvy piece of wood on the path, but once we got closer we could see it was a slow worm. This was our first sighting this year. With the recent damp weather, … Continue reading

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It takes two

Hubby and I often refer to ourselves as The Light Relief, Double Act or Comedy Duo of the Day to somewhat bored checkout staff in the supermarket. It seemed to become our mission in life to make at least one … Continue reading

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Reach for the Sky

Is this one tree or many? This silver birch is on our bottom route and consists of half a dozen or so entwined trunks. It stands on its own little island of mossy grass where four pathways meet.

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Watching your step

For a change, we parked in the lay-by at the top of the woods today. Being regular walkers, we have come to know a lot of vehicles, usually placing biscuits on rear bumpers for our doggie friends. We haven’t stopped … Continue reading

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Both torso and headless, Tangled limbs, arms and legs, Reaching, touching, stretching Out into the void From the bowels of the woodland – Unseen, undiscovered, unspoilt.

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To boldly go

We were in the mood to explore as it was such a beautiful day, and we’d gone a little further than is our norm at the bottom of the woods. We’ve often walked along the fence by the lakes, but … Continue reading

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