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White and crunchy

Nope, nothing to do with a chocolate bar, though those Toblerones are still on special offer. It was threatened last night that temperatures would drop to their lowest this year, so we made sure the boat was tip-top warm before … Continue reading

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Warm thoughts on chilly morns

The temperature outside this morning was 6º, the coldest yet. Hubby put the heating on for fifteen minutes to take the chill off the boat, then went up to have a shower, leaving Maggie and I in bed. Photo: Basin … Continue reading

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Sounds like a bargain

Time for a numbers post I think. Actually, it’s also a budget thought, and the saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Depends how you look at it I suppose, and if you are … Continue reading

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Circle of Black

Weather Haiku Encased and entrapped In this circle of black which Revolves and confines. This is not my picture, but you would not believe the blackness of the clouds that are currently surrounding us here in the marina tonight. The … Continue reading

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Saturday changes.

Hubby had a bad night and when he came back to bed in the early hours, he was cold. He snuggled into me for warmth, and I welcomed the coldness of his body as my back was giving me hell and … Continue reading

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I’ve said before that people in the boating world are different to those we have met in other areas where we’ve lived. Regular boat owners have come to the Marina over the colder months to check on and take out … Continue reading

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To heat, or not to heat

Winter this year is going to be one of the biggest learning curves in our lives together. Unlike a house, we can’t ‘get in’ our winter fuel and set the boiler to automatic on and off.  We can’t stock pile … Continue reading

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