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A Bitter Wind

Bitter bite, not a nip, The wind is cold against my face. Dancing grains of sand are blinding, Doesn’t take much to displace. Waves are angry, crashing tight Foamy fingers clutching helpless At the roughened shoreline, Futile in their salty … Continue reading

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Weather report:

Once again our internet connection is on velcro. It has taken me over an hour to prepare and publish my previous post. Looks like we’re in for a bitty day. Judging by the number of gulls inland, a storm’s brewing. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wind

When I saw Frank’s challenge title, I wondered if it was Wind as in weather or wind as in clocks. He invites us to use either, so here goes. I could write about wind damage to fence panels, getting out … Continue reading

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Beach Walk 25th February

To be honest, we’ve been avoiding the beach these past few days as the wind has been bitter. With the ‘real feel’ factor, there is a difference of as much as 8º taking into account the wind chill. We have … Continue reading

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The condoms are out!

It is an absolutely FILTHY day, and of course Maggie wanted to go out. No sir, she would not pee on the front lawn, she wanted her morning walk on the beach. This photo was taken on ‘White Sands’ and … Continue reading

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Hit me, hit me, hit me!

This post is nothing to do with Ian Dury’s Rhythm Stick, but definitely being on the receiving end of a ‘whack’! I can remember a day in the 90s when I turned the corner by the bank and was lifted … Continue reading

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Gertrude is not my Aunty.

Storm Gertrude is making her presence felt as winds of up to 90 mph continue to hit us. It was windy yesterday evening and throughout the night, but having checked and double checked our ropes, Hubby slept through it all, … Continue reading

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Rock Me Gently

More wind tonight, the worst of it (35mph) to hit around 3am tomorrow apparently. I hope I’m not awake to hear it. Even though neither the radar picture or the hourly forecast show rain in this area at this particular … Continue reading

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Blowy Night

It’s been a shit week to be honest. So much so, that my sleep pattern is shot to hell and this blowy weather doesn’t help. Maggie is restless, stirring at every flutter, ping, creak or groan the boat produces, and … Continue reading

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Day 8: Danger, High Winds

It was July 7th,  10th anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings and the news was full of it. We were safely moored up and enjoying a leisurely cooked breakfast with our friends getting ready for the off and Day 2 … Continue reading

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