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Here we go again…………..

We can always tell when certain members of staff are on duty, it’s lunch time, and/or Management aren’t in the office. We’ve been busy again varnishing inside the boat and putting the finishing touches to the new blinds. Hubby has … Continue reading

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Dance anyone?

I’m not much of a dancer these days, though I used to do a pretty good twist before I did my back in. I always regret not learning how to jive as Danny and the Juniors At The Hop always … Continue reading

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Hello America?

I have just logged into WP (6pm) as we have been out most of the day. The car is being looked at this week and we have been given the same model, but with a bigger engine as a courtesy … Continue reading

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Hubby’s Plan B

Sometimes we wonder if there are enough letters in the alphabet when plans start out as one thing and end up as something else. We tried the paragraph a) appendage (ii) , but gave up trying to mentally keep up … Continue reading

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Fighting Back…… Take That!

As you are aware, we experience problems with our WIFI connection occasionally and trying to do anything on the computer can be  S  L  O  W    G  O  I  N  G . Not much improved for me after Hubby’s … Continue reading

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Someone ate my Stats!

Yesterday, I managed to do a couple of posts, but they took me ALL DAY. Well, not that I was sitting at my screen doing nothing else for over 12 hours, but there definitely seemed to be a problem as … Continue reading

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Still down, and I’m right pissed off

Once again the WIFI connection from the outside box to the internet has been switched off, and the Marina staff are ‘all right Jack’ as their computers inside the office are working OK. This is the fourth day we have … Continue reading

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