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Cheesed off

It has been just one of those days, and now when all I want to do is relax with my Blog, the marina’s wifi is screwing me around. It has taken over half an hour to get in, and to … Continue reading

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Set in Custard

We all know the phrase ‘watching paint dry’, but Hubby’s favourite at the moment is everything being ‘Set in Custard’. Our WIFI is     S   O     S   L   O   W  this morning, I was able to make the tea before we’d … Continue reading


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Tuesday, off line draft 2

Following on from my previous post: Still no internet, though the lights are on but no-one’s home. The signal is connected, but ‘limited’ which means that we are receiving the signal from the box outside, but it’s not connected to … Continue reading

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Sorry, out of commission

It’s OK, nothing to do with the blood test this morning (very red, and she took four samples). She made sure the chair was in the fully reclined position to save time later picking me up off the floor. Nope, … Continue reading

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