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Caught again

Hubby is very partial to gingernut biscuits. So am I for that matter, and Maya too. We have a small tupperware type box that is ideal to hold the 30 gingernut biscuits in a packet, though we had noticed that … Continue reading

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Waits, waists and measures

I was given a couple of magazines the other week and finally got to look at them when Hubby was in hospital. Both were to do with healthy living and eating, recommended diets (SW was not mentioned by the weigh … Continue reading

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The Pound in their Packet

I saw this headline today Brexit Is Going To Make It More Expensive To Eat and thought “Tell me something I don’t know”. (source) Several of my posts have already suggested consumers check the weights of their goods to see … Continue reading

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Losing weight

Nothing to do with watching your figure I’m afraid, just watching a different kind of pound disappear (source) Been saying this for years. Prices may stay the same, but the weights don’t. You’re not using more of a product, you … Continue reading

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