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Editing the diet

Diet has two other personalities, EDIT and TIDE. I used to be good at anagrams for crossword puzzles and also enjoyed the TV show Countdown on C4 many years ago as it was letters and numbers, plus a conundrum as … Continue reading

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Feeling the heat and it went ‘phuttt’

It was hot and stuffy yesterday afternoon so the fan was brought in from the bedroom and placed in the lounge blowing towards the window as we chatted to MSM on the phone catching up on things and discussing my … Continue reading

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Checking In

The diabetes check in went pretty well. I was seen by the young lassie who saw me last year and who had been dealing with Hubby’s INR for a couple of weeks. My appointment was at 8.40 and we arrived … Continue reading

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This is a cheat…………….

Last week, I started my ‘Monday Motivation’ as I resumed my weight loss efforts the SW way, but without group attendance. Last week, I was pleased to report that I had lost four pounds and taken heart that things were … Continue reading

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Target by Default

I’ve always liked MOH’s bathroom scales. They are friendly and take the pounds off. I know how heavy I am and that my final SW target still eludes me, but getting on the scales this morning out of habitual curiosity … Continue reading

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Consumer Day

Today’s TV observation is shopping, and are multi pack purchases truly money savers? The shopper was a busy mum of 5, who admitted that she opted for multi packs for convenience, not just being in one pack instead of individuals, … Continue reading

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Back on the Wagon

I’ve had two weeks off and feel it’s time to get back on the SW wagon and continue my weight loss programme. I was weighed and measured by the hospital for anaesthetic purposes, and it seemed that I’d lost a … Continue reading

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A good idea badly presented, resulting in negativity

I read this in Yahoo today (link). Anyone with weight issues would have been totally disheartened by the negativity of the comments, giving up before they even started to make an appointment with their GP to see if they qualified. … Continue reading

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Food for thought

Having problems with weight control? Eating a sensible diet in sensible proportions but not getting anywhere? Ever thought/hoped that the blame is not necessarily yours? Read this (link) Hubby found it so I thought I’d pass it on.

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A matter of opinion

Apparently, I, and others like me, are a threat. It has been suggested that we are as big a threat as terrorism (link) and (link) The key word here is  BIG. And you know what, that makes me MAD. Especially as there … Continue reading

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