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A short post…………

Christmas is ON! I’ve lost a pound so can eat sensibly and not feel guilty over the holiday. Cheesecake here I come!!

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Half way!

Just got back from weigh in and have lost half of the three pounds I gained last time. This has actually put me bang on target, so I am really pleased. The group collectively lost 52½ pounds this week, but … Continue reading

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Feeling Good!

I woke up the other day and felt thin. This might seem a little weird to many of you, but despite the recent weight loss, I haven’t really noticed a difference in my body shape. My clothes fit OK, a … Continue reading

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Just half a pound………………

that’s all I needed and my second certificate would have been in the bag. However, I am VERY happy with a two and a half pound loss this week and those extra eight ounces can wait until next week! Note … Continue reading

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Think I’ve sussed it

Boring, boring, boring, I know, but with the weight still going on, I have consulted the SW Bible from my joining in 2016 and compared it to my current food diary. The good news is that I am still eating … Continue reading

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Di -ate

What can I say. It’s all gone out of the window/front door, got in the car and driven away. Not walking Maggie four or five times a day is growing showing. Getting in nibbles, biscuits and choccie bars for MOH’s … Continue reading

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A Different View

I’ve said before how I never thought joining a Group for weight loss would work for me after my disastrous and soul destroying membership of The Opposition in the late 1990s. In our group, everyone is supportive and friendly. One … Continue reading

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Speed Food Diary day 3

Oh, I am so trying to kick my butt into gear! Today delish (?) dish was a jacket potato with cheese, green beans, cherry tomatoes, carrots and mushrooms. I was in a hurry tonight when we got back, so I … Continue reading

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Speed Food Diary day 2

Sunday today and my second day of concentrating on speed food in the hope of kick starting my weight loss again.  I have also reduced my portion size a little. We can but see. Hubby’s appetite is returning and he … Continue reading

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The Camera never lies

Here is a DIY deja vu: Talk about a comparison. 1st November 2016 Blimey!

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