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Oops, bad timing

We have found that going to bed slightly later than was our norm is better for Maya as we can get her out for a wee (and sometimes a poo) then she will go through the night until about 5.30. … Continue reading

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Dirty Skies

My Mum had some lovely sayings, from calling my Dad a clown when he’d done something a bit daft to watching ‘the doughnut machine’ making the bales of hay in the fields opposite the cottage when she came up to … Continue reading

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It’s wet out there!

Storm Franklin has just hit us We have had rain, hail, thunder and lightning in the space of five minutes. The sky came over black and we could hardly see across the road. It’s raining heavily now and there is … Continue reading

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Black and wet

No, I’m not talking about a dog’s nose (unfortunately). Storm Dudley hit us this afternoon and the sky was black. It was chucking it down with rain and we could hardly see across the road. The wind was pretty fierce … Continue reading

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I can hear the sea!

As I sit here in our lounge, the wind is blowing fiercely and you can hear the sea. It’s just over a five minute walk away and sometimes at night you can really hear it roar. There was a lull … Continue reading

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Bolts, screws and hinges

Fence repairs hold a whole catalogue of memories, some amusing and some frustrating. Usually the weather is kind and we can do the job in a sensible time frame. Getting the four inch fence post and repair spike was straightforward … Continue reading

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It’s windy out

I mentioned earlier we’d had a storm pass over us and were anxious on a number of counts. I hate the wind. In 1990, the UK saw storms which caused severe damage to trees and properties, and at one stage, … Continue reading

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Inch by Inch

With all the rain from yesterday, I was curious as to how our lake had fared. Obviously the town would be in dire straits if it was full now! I took the above pictures a fortnight ago. The water was … Continue reading

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Storm brewing

According to the weather reports, we have Storm Ciara coming our way. The wind here can be bitter, but then we are on the East Coast of the country adjacent to the North Sea. As the wind is blowing West … Continue reading

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So that was it!

Summer has gone. It’s official. How do I know? Because we’ve had to put our heating on! OK, not permanently for the winter months, just a test to make sure all is working OK before the service is done next … Continue reading

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