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Black water

In the silence of shadow, The clock ticks. A gentle rhythmic sound There is nothing to fear. As time passes, The heating clicks, Settling down to night, And sleep beckons near. Silently walking Along the sands of time, All is … Continue reading

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Noisy or what!

It is a gloriously sunny day today but still cold. I didn’t think I’d need my hat on our trip to the beach car park this morning but won’t be so silly next time. Took me an age to feel … Continue reading

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Ice Sky

I have a bit of a problem doing the stretchy exercises here on the boat as I don’t have a flat wall, and with my arms above my head, well, the roof gets in the way. However, I have been … Continue reading

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Water shortage, but not due to drought

Hubby went up to do the washing bright and early yesterday morning (like 6am), loaded the machine,  put his money in, and……………… nothing happened. Apart from the chuntering of machinery, there was no familiar gurgle in the pipes or whooshing sound … Continue reading

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Wet’s to be Expected (Part 2)

My previous post concentrated on the marina this morning. The pictures were taken as part of Maggie’s first walk, this being the sky when we set out just after 8am. Beautiful, isn’t it. Around midday, we walked into town, and … Continue reading

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Water everywhere, but what to drink?

Living on a boat has its perks and drawbacks obviously. One of the perks is that our water supply rates are included in our mooring fees. One of the drawbacks is that said water supply to the pontoons and our … Continue reading

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Bubble and Squeak.

Our boat farts. I’m not kidding, you’ll be sitting here and suddenly will hear a tummy churning type gurgle and bubbles will appear along the hull, just like when you’ve broken wind in the bath. This is probably to do … Continue reading

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Don’t be coy………

There are some pretty big fish here in the marina, and I have just seen one of the biggest carp ever. It was basking in the sunshine with its dorsal fin just above the water, and must have measured all … Continue reading

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Easter laughter

It was absolutely glorious at 8am, and we decided we’d take the boat out after breakfast. Unfortunately, Mr Cloudy almost rained on our parade as it came over very dark and dull, and the temperature dropped by several degrees, so … Continue reading

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Walking on Water

OK, we walk on water all the time as we’re on a marina, but we cheat as we walk on the pontoons that are on the water! But what about really walking on the wet stuff?

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