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Washing the washing machine

We were rather pleased to inherit a washing machine with the house as it was a make we were familiar with and had never had one let us down. It also saved us a couple of hundred pounds on our … Continue reading

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A Sign of the Times

I’ve mentioned on several occasions how much I miss having a washing line. Each time we do the laundry, it sets us back a fiver, and as we do a load every 5 days or so, you can imagine the … Continue reading

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Honey Monster Alert

Many years ago, The Honey Monster advertised a brand of cereal which was very popular with children and adults alike. This morning when I woke up, I could smell sugar puffs, but no-one had had any for breakfast, in fact … Continue reading

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Death of a Salesman?

We did a lot of DIY in our previous house, and finally washed ‘one brick’ too many. With an almighty CLUNK the washing machine stopped altogether, so we immediately switched it off before some serious damage occurred. Hubby is useful. … Continue reading

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Mum, Technofobe Extraordinaire

My Mum is old school. She doesn’t like these new thingummybobs or whatchamacallits, and sometimes trying to explain how they work or how to use them can be………. interesting.

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