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Our walk in the woods : 2nd January, a reblog

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The car park today was packed, and I mean PACKED. In all the years we have been to the woods, we have never known it to be as busy as it was today. I was turning…

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Energy to Burn

It’s been another cold day and we were expecting rain by midday. We therefore decided to take Maya for a walk to try and get her to burn off some of her energy, she’s still a puppy afterall. Photo 9th … Continue reading

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Join us on our woodland walk today

It’s a lot more than an 8 mile journey now, but as it was such a nice day, we decided to go for a drive to our favourite woods and have a trip down memory lane. When we left in … Continue reading

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Sands of Time

Hubby and I walked home along the shoreline this morning. The tide was still going out and the sand under our feet solid and flat. The rippled indentations and gullies were flowing at various speeds, with gulls and small waders … Continue reading

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Today is Saturday 14th August

It is a cool and refreshing day here on the East coast. After a later breakfast because I slept in until 8 o’clock, we went for a walk. We try to socially distance and avoid people we don’t know, always … Continue reading

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Please join us…………..

I said earlier we were hoping to have a walk in the park and we did just that before lunch. We were out for over an hour and there were quite a lot of people about.  There were geese everywhere … Continue reading

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A walk in the Park 21st February

It’s been such a mild morning, we thought we’d go for a walk before lunch. The wind was slight, but the skies a little grey, so we played safe and wore our yellows. People were gathering for the church service … Continue reading

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Today is Sunday 27th December

After a stormy night courtesy of the tail end of Bella, the day is bright, sunny and extremely mild. The little bird table got blown over in the heavy winds, but other than that we could see no damage this … Continue reading

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Batteries exhausted

Typical isn’t it. It’s a lovely day, the beach is deserted, and the camera batteries die. Oh well, I did manage to get one picture. We met up with several people we knew, and I was seen by two little … Continue reading

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I’ve ‘sniffed’ you so much………………

A lot of things might be failing on our girl, but there’s nought wrong with her sniffer! I have just walked her round the block (fourth time) in the hope that she would oblige me with a poo, and the … Continue reading

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