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Grockles go home!

They are everywhere like an irritating rash, popping up like zits and getting in yer face as well as in your way. We made the mistake of going shopping after we failed to get the paint we wanted for touching … Continue reading

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Still they come……..

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and if things were normal, the town would be heaving with visitors. The park would be full of people walking their dogs en route up to the prom, eating in one of the many cafes, visiting … Continue reading

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Full Stop

SIL is now safely back at base. It was wonderful to see her and catch up with the family news. With her latest phone gadget she was able to connect to Bro and we could see each other over the … Continue reading

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Preparing for a visitor.

As mentioned previously, my SIL is doing a detour from Kings Lynn and coming to see us. I’m really excited! When I went over to see Bro in 2010, she was marvellous and took me to loads of places in … Continue reading

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Wow, thank you and welcome!

I hit a landmark or two yesterday and have all of you to thank. My views topped the 500 mark, my highest, and my followers 1650, so a big welcome to my new readers. My highest number of likes in … Continue reading

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Entertaining our guest: Day 5

We went into Skeggy today with the dogs and it’s been a good day. Whatever blocked the roads yesterday has all been cleared, so our journey was uneventful. We walked around the town, had a spot of lunch and did … Continue reading

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Entertaining our visitor: Day 2

We had a good day yesterday, MOH having treated himself to some new clothes when out with Hubby, and then when Hubby had to go out, MOH and I played crib. We were relaxed and chatted about family, houses, dogs … Continue reading

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Our guest has arrived!

Hurrah! MOH arrived this afternoon just after 3pm. Lunch was prepared (cottage pie with roast potatoes and veg) and I just had to turn the cooker on, but first ……………. CUP OF TEA! Poor Bud was like a hearthrug on … Continue reading

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Let the festivities begin!

This is following on from yesterday’s Happy Half Year post as our invitation to MOH has been accepted! Hurrah!! We saw him last in February when we went down for Mum’s funeral and he kindly looked after Maggie for us … Continue reading

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Visitors pending!

The sofa bed is going to get a test drive this weekend as MOH is coming up for a few days. He’s got his central heating fixed, and as we haven’t seen him for a while, it’s going to be … Continue reading

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