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Trip Pending

We spent over an hour planning our route down to MOH. It was going to be a killer. It wouldn’t matter which way we went, we’d hit a bottleneck or rush hour traffic somewhere, so tried to work out the … Continue reading

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Music to cry by

There have only been two occasions when my music has made me cry, and today was one of them. Hubby and I were both awake before 6am, and decided to go and visit my Mum. We haven’t seen her since … Continue reading

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The Early Bird really flew!

I said yesterday it was going to be a long day. Perhaps I should rephrase that and say we had a short night. We got to bed just after 10pm and Hubby said if he could sleep until 4, that … Continue reading

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Buttercups, Daisies and Motorbikes.

In the spring, we see fields and meadows full of buttercups and daisies, their yellow and white heads being ruffled in the breeze. I remember as a child picking a buttercup and holding it under my chin to see if … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake!

Last week, we had intended to take the boat up to Stratford again, but due to bad weather we decided against it and to go this week instead. I learned a long time ago not to look forward to anything … Continue reading

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Long day, Spot Trip

I excelled myself yesterday by getting up before 6am. Yep, 6 o’clock in the morning, she who likes to doze before the dawn and prefers to allow the sun to rise high in the sky before breakfast. I did the … Continue reading

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One week on

This time last week, I was sharing a toasted cheese sandwich with my Mum having taken her up and down the river via my laptop and camera chip. It was her birthday on Friday, and I decided to give her … Continue reading

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New Neighbours

We’ve been away 6 days, and Hubby has fixed my laptop for me by purchasing a new plug-in jack (really expensive at £1.99!) to connect to my reserve transformer. I am now up and running, fully recharged. It would appear … Continue reading

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A good trip

We have been Down South, on the hop, to visit my Mum. We try to visit once a month now that we are only 125 miles away instead of 250, but our last two visits had seen her in bed … Continue reading

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Spur of the moment

It was a sunny and pleasant start to the day, so we thought about a trip Down South to visit my Mum. We decided not to ring in advance and would just take pot luck as it would be nice … Continue reading

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