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Running Late

Running a wee bit late with my blog today, having spent a sleepless night with Maggie. Each time I let her out she wee’d or poo’ed, then would want to go out again in less than an hour.  She couldn’t … Continue reading

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Home and sleeping

Our baby is home and fast asleep on her cushion sporting a bright red bootee. She was first in today, and we stayed with her whilst the sedative kicked in. The vet seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place her, so … Continue reading

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Eye hurts shoulder

Well, perhaps not exactly. For a couple of days now we’ve noticed that Maggie’s had a weepy eye. She’s not been bothering it as some animals do with constant scratching or rubbing, but we’ve been keeping our eye on it … Continue reading

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Confidence Check

It’s been a pretty good day today in the health department, and a little something else besides. How many of your remember this, The Ring of Confidence, courtesy of Colgate Palmolive. Hubs and I had dental checkups today, and whilst … Continue reading

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Pain by Proxy

Maggie had the first of her stitches out today, trotting into the surgery with no problems whatsoever. The little nurse who has been involved from the beginning was there to welcome her, but we saw a third vet, a young … Continue reading

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Worrying Wednesday

First and foremost, she’s OK. Taken at MOH’s earlier this year A little while ago, we discovered a lump and rather than panic straight away, kept an eye on it. Maggie has several wart like bumps on her anyway, but … Continue reading

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Dreams, Plans and Reality

Last October, I wrote a post entitled  ‘When Things don’t Plan Out.’ Every so often, I go back and re-read previous writings, and it amazes me how many things didn’t work out the way we had intended. Nothing changes there … Continue reading

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Cats get fur balls (aka hair balls) caught in their throats don’t they. It would appear that Maggie may have a similar problem. She is fastidious with her cleanliness at the best of times, but when she’s in season, she’s … Continue reading

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David Copperfield is alive and well

For me, the Master of Illusion is David Copperfield. Years ago, I remember him making elephants, trains, tanks and buildings disappear, and saw him ‘walk through’ the Great Wall of China (even if it was all on TV) . Magical. … Continue reading

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Part of the Family

  Pets are part of the family. Most children growing up have one, gerbil, hamster, goldfish or a rabbit seem to be quite popular as a kid’s ‘first’. Not me. We lived about a mile away from heathland, and my … Continue reading

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