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Don’t stop me, I’m on a roll!

Following on from my post yesterday on shopping price hikes. There will be two women going home today looking at a certain thing in their shopping carts somewhat differently. I’m talking about toilet rolls. Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this … Continue reading

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What would you say?

Hubby asked me a funny thing this morning, something I really had to think about and actually came up lacking. He asked me what five things I valued above all other. Sometimes he tries to catch me out with trick … Continue reading

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Food, glorious food!

Pre Hubby, my only experience with Chinese food was prawns or chicken in batter balls, sweet and sour sauce, and boiled rice. That was all I would try, as what had been purchased and presented to me before made me … Continue reading

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We have a new Con

Sorry, I mean C O I N. It would appear that from 2017 they are changing our round pound to a twelve sided masterpiece resembling the old threepenny bit. ¬†Official images (notice the date is 2014 not 2017) Very nice, … Continue reading

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