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Gingernuts 25, Sausage Rolls 28

You may remember a little while ago I had a gripe about being shortchanged in our packets of gingernut biscuits, and instead of getting 30 in a 300g pack, on occasion we only had 29. Well this seemed to become … Continue reading

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Time to go…………….

I don’t own a pair of shoes as I live in trainers or crocs for short walks or the garden, and shortly before my birthday I invested in a new pair of trainers. The ones I have been wearing were … Continue reading

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Top Brand or Substitute?

Designer clothes are one thing but some people will only use the Top Brands of household items. Personally I don’t care where I buy my groceries or toiletries as long as I get value for money and flavour accordingly for … Continue reading

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How do you perceive it? Greed as in stuffing your face silly with food, or financial greed from the Utility Companies, Banks or private enterprise? Bus fares rise because fewer people are using the service. Perhaps fewer people are using … Continue reading

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The Conman Market revisited

It’s hard to believe that I did my post on this subject a year ago. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the town is packed, and the High Street closed making way for the market stalls selling … Continue reading

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Ma’s Cafe and Greasy Joe’s.

Any trucker will tell you that a Greasy Joe’s or Ma’s cafe are worth their weight in gold, as they are a watering hole where a mountain breakfast and mugs of steaming dark tea are available all day, all for … Continue reading

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We’d like to offer our services……….

Hubby and I are pretty flexible. We are also honest, open-minded, unbiased and tell things as they are. So, on a par with the Belgian Buns and Doughnuts, I would like to offer our services as official tasters for…….. Mince Pies. We won’t … Continue reading


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Pasty, Pastry or Pie

Cornish Pasties hold a special place in our hearts from holidays past to the present day. There has been some argument as to what is a Genuine Cornish Pasty to such an extent that the name has been protected. (LINK) Just because it’s called … Continue reading

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Cheap curry (with a cheat)

OK, OK, OK. I know I’m always going on about making my own sauces, but for 25p? I’m on a budget remember, and need to make the pennies stretch. Hubby and I are in week two of our weight reduction … Continue reading

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The Conman Market.

It doesn’t matter where we’ve lived, there has always been a market within a short driving distance. Most are twice a week, and there may be a slight difference in the number of stalls available or the wares on offer. … Continue reading

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