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Super moon

The tea plate beacon is almost blinding, it’s that spectacular. Our little camera hasn’t done a bad job in taking pics as the moon cleared the trees and rose in the sky. Hubby took these, managing to capture the red ring. … Continue reading

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As if being ill wasn’t enough

Our day started at 5am. Nothing to do with the dogs wanting to go out, bad weather or restlessness. Let’s talk paperwork and organisation within our National Health Service. First and foremost, our friend said he had received excellent care … Continue reading

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Even more paperwork

The deal is done, and the mountain of paperwork completed (2 hours). This country is paranoid and obsessed with the need for paperwork, the completion of it, the triplicate copies and filing of it, the reading of it, the signing … Continue reading

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The Old Future

The radio today was reporting on the threshold amount that the Elderly will be expected to pay in respect of their ‘care’. Last year, the sum being considered was £35,000 so that they did not need to sell their homes … Continue reading

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Hectic Frustration

It’s been a busy week, one we started with optimism. We have clocked up almost 400 miles, which may not sound very much but when you take into account that we usually only travel about 15 miles a day, it’s … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity

Most of us are guilty of it, seeing someone we thought was someone else, even to the extreme of having a rant at an innocent party. This was a frequent occurrence when my Dad bought himself a new truck in … Continue reading

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Missing Yew

Well, maybe not yew trees, but definitely pines and silver birch. Hubby is home safe and sound from his travels, but found nothing to suit. Today we did a few drive-bys of properties, covering a total distance of some 176 … Continue reading

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Two Walk Friday

Maggie and I have had our two walks today. Hubby doesn’t like me walking her on my own at night, so like yesterday, I have made sure she’s had two long walks rather than one long and two short ones. … Continue reading

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Feeling sluggish

I am not a fan of slugs, unless they’re cute, multi coloured, and sing as they do in Flushed Away. As a child, I seriously believed they were snails that hadn’t grown their shells yet (which posed the question are … Continue reading

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A Celebration

Six months ago when I started my blog, I didn’t think I’d have very much to write about. Yet this is my 200th post. Yes,As I could find absolutely nothing of interest on the subject of “200” to embroider upon, … Continue reading

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