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£ for lb

Note: This is my personal opinion: As with any weight loss programme, seek medical advice prior to starting. I have just watched a TV show about diets. There is big money in the diet business, and this programme proved it, … Continue reading

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Secret Eaters

Reality TV again folks. This time a couple are dismayed that despite eating healthily, the pounds are piling on. They agreed to be filmed for five days and keep a food diary. Their eating habits were also studied and they … Continue reading

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Scrabble Evening Two

We’ve been invited up to MSM (Maggie’s surrogate Mummy) for another scrabble evening. Hubby has discovered 101 acceptable 2 letter words, so we’ve listed them and will take them with us. MSM already had some on a card, so we … Continue reading

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Vanity and Ego

Interesting little article in the news today about one of our TV presenters. He has decided to ‘stand down’ after just one series of a once popular show as he doesn’t feel he fits the mould, even though he gave … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Cheese Day

I have noticed from my posts that every time we visit MOH, I cook  a cauliflower cheese, and today was no exception! We rang him pretty early this morning to see if he was doing anything like watching the Rugby … Continue reading

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Feeding the guys

We are spending a couple of days with MOH, and this evening has been spent watching TV cookery programmes. I love to cook, and recently I’ve been sharing my efforts in my blog. I hope if you’ve tried any, they’ve … Continue reading

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Novelty TV viewing

Being in an environment where I can watch TV, I have tuned in to one particular channel and watched 2 series of programmes, one involving four couples each owning B&B establishments and staying in each others, and the other about … Continue reading

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Glad we haven’t got one, but……….

Whilst we are here, we can watch TV and are currently tuned to a station showing old movies, old TV series, and countless ads for life insurance, car insurance, property insurance, loans (with a 1027% APR, holy shit!!), TV packages, … Continue reading

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Home again

A few days away is always a pleasure, but like most people, we are glad to be home. It seemed quite strange adapting to someone else’s routine, sleeping in a different bed and smelling a different fabric conditioner on the … Continue reading

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After the break is over

We looked up the traffic reports and read that over 14 million cars were going to be on the road on Christmas Eve. There may well have been, but we didn’t see that many actually and so made excellent time … Continue reading

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