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Fibbing Friday: The truth 22nd October

I was unaware of some of these so thought some of you might be interested in the true answers. 1. A walk of snails (could also be a rout) 2. A bed of clams 3. A horde of hamsters 4. … Continue reading

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Truth and Consequence (Red Letter Day 8)

Sara saw the message in her ‘in box’ and deliberately waited until Jim got home so that they could read it together, though her curiosity nearly got the better of her. ‘Oh blimey, ‘ he said. ‘What do you think?’ … Continue reading

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I Hand it to You

Apparently, there is a crystal ball in our family as my grandmother had ‘a gift’. This was passed on to a cousin who I was led to believe told fortunes for a living at one stage. How many of you … Continue reading

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No, this is nothing to do with the Little People that ‘borrow’ buttons, safety pins or other bits and pieces for their world. The media is full of changes being made to mortgage applications as from midnight tonight. Some of … Continue reading

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