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This is it then……………..

my last post for at least ten days. Think of us as we attack locks, address weeds, enjoy nature, the view, the river, relax, have fun etc etc. I wonder if Frances Drake felt like thisĀ  before getting his Sir-ship? … Continue reading

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Adventure Awaits

We have been living on our narrow boat for 48 weeks come next Tuesday. We have survived the (mild) winter and experienced some (normal and expected) flooding. We have had various trips up river for the duration of one to … Continue reading

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After the break is over

We looked up the traffic reports and read that over 14 million cars were going to be on the road on Christmas Eve. There may well have been, but we didn’t see that many actually and so made excellent time … Continue reading

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Subtle hint…..

I don’t know why I do it to myself but sometimes I just hope that Someone would consider us for a change. I have never hidden the fact that my family (other than Bro in NZ) and I are not … Continue reading

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Doggie come home

I didn’t cry at any of the Lassie films, though I did at Old Yeller, The Yearling and I confess ET. Also there are parts in The Colour Purple and The Elephant Man that bring a moistness to my eyes, … Continue reading

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Back in one piece

It was such a beautiful day and the water was like a mill pond so we decided to take the boat out this afternoon. We needed to fuel anyway, so having told the Marina staff we would be making our … Continue reading

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The World is our Oyster

Yeah, right, and I hate shellfish, no matter how fancy. Full of optimism, we set off and found our camp site from 7 years ago. The owners remembered us, so in a way it was like coming home. We set … Continue reading

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Moving on

It all happens tomorrow. It’s difficult to understand how we managed to accumulate so much STUFF. Still, it was an opportunity to have a good clear out and get rid of a lot of things we never used, had worn … Continue reading

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Beam Me Up

One of my favourite TV series from yesteryear was Star Trek (1966-69) . Captain Kirk always got the girl, McCoy got the laughs, Mr Spock had the eyebrow exercise, Uhura spoke to everyone through her ear appendage and Scottie engineered … Continue reading

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Very Strange

It feels very strange, but I am alone tonight. In fact, I have been alone (apart from my furry companion) since around 8.30 this morning. I am used to walking the dog on my own when Hubby doesn’t feel up … Continue reading

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