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Thrashed, again………. and again.

We decided to have a trip down to see MOH today as we haven’t seen him for a while. Having contacted him on Friday to make the arrangements, we were awake quite early, and managed to set off before 9, … Continue reading

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Back Aboard

We are glad to be home having spent a few days with MOH. It has not been one of our better visits, especially as we had intended to come home yesterday, but he asked us to stay the extra day. … Continue reading

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River Trip 2016 Part One.

We set off on Wednesday 13th July at 9.30 am. The weather was cool, but pleasant, perfect for chugging. The river was quiet, it was like we were the only people in the entire world, and we were doing a … Continue reading

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Ghost Towns

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and apart from cooking for three, we didn’t really notice it to be honest. It has been so quiet! Traffic on the motorway going down to MOH on Christmas Eve was pretty sparse on our … Continue reading

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Here goes………

We had another hellish journey, but arrived safe and Mum was glad to see us. Internet here is patchy even though we are piggy backing on Sister’s package which is a ‘direct line’. Regret will be off line for the … Continue reading

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Nice Try

I am glad we are not planning to visit my Mum or MOH this weekend, we would never get off the motorway! For the past few weeks, signage has been up to warn that there will be queues at Junction … Continue reading

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Bird Race

We were amazed by the number of kingfishers we saw on this particular trip, not just one or two single sightings, but two or three birds at a time several times on our journey. We set off quite early each … Continue reading

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You are a boat inside a lock like this (google image). Rising, roiling, boiling, Flowing faster, wilder, Thrashing, bashing, washing, Moving, ebbing, drifting, Rippling, slowing to calm.

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A life on the Open Wave.

We were up pretty early (well for me) and decided to give Maggie a nice long walk along the lock this morning. There were several narrow boats moored there, most being hire boats. One stuck out though as it was … Continue reading

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Day 2, 1st July

We slipped into the vacated space after our new friends departed then tidied up a bit and got ourselves ready to set off again. We’d had a spattering of rain during the night, but otherwise it was uneventful, as the … Continue reading

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