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Quickie doggy update

You may remember around New Year I mentioned we’d discovered a sore place on Maggie’s chest and were keeping an eye on it. We treated it with the cream we use for her feet which is for dermatitis, and it’s … Continue reading

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Dear Diary 10th December

It has been a good day today, and I may well be facing a different kind of challenge in the near future. There are a lot of dogs around us, and most love fuss from Yours Truly who is happy … Continue reading

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A doggie post

I looked out of the window today and saw something that warmed my heart. We’ve been here a year and fit in because we’ve got a dog, so naturally we get talking to people and fussing their pets on a … Continue reading

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Dog to Dog

Hubby and I both walked Maggie this morning, and on the way back said Hi to a woman whose dog was walking her. It was a beautiful golden cocker spaniel, pulling madly on the lead so much that the haltie … Continue reading

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Take it away! Take it away!

I heard these cries as I was coming out of the supermarket the other day. Hubby and Maggie were out of the car, and a young boy was dragging himself away from them, pulling hard on his Grandmother’s arm. This … Continue reading

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Georgie, U.T.G.D.

Which one would you choose? I’d have all of them, but then these pups are special, as they have all been chosen for a particular training programme. I love dogs. It doesn’t matter what breed, what size, how old. In … Continue reading

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A Dog for Christmas?

The ‘C’ time is almost upon us, the time of year when some people will think about getting a puppy. Most breeders will let pups leave their mothers at about 7 or 8 weeks, so bitches will be having their … Continue reading

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The Dog Did It.

Poor dog, he gets the blame for so many things and nine times out of ten he’s probably innocent. Most dogs chew, be it slippers, shoes, furniture, car upholstery, bedding, and I even know of one Jack Russell that developed … Continue reading

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They’re not all bad

Cynophobia- Fear of dogs or rabies I love dogs, and knowing how much they can enhance your life, I feel sorry for anyone who suffers some kind of fear of them. Be it dogs in general, specific breeds, or the … Continue reading

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Best Friends

I have always said I get on better with dogs than people. Dogs love you unconditionally and can give so much back in return. They don’t shaft you for a percentage either and are susceptible to your moods, seeming to … Continue reading

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