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Baffled R Us

Shopping today has been a successful trip, but the experience a little bemusing. To clarify the title of this post, I’ll start at the end of our shopping triathlon as this was where it occurred. I was sitting in the … Continue reading

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Ghost Towns

Well, Christmas has come and gone, and apart from cooking for three, we didn’t really notice it to be honest. It has been so quiet! Traffic on the motorway going down to MOH on Christmas Eve was pretty sparse on our … Continue reading

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Manic Panic

Oh boy. Run for the hills! Head for cover! Everyone’s gone mad! Hubby and I were up pretty early this morning deciding to collect his new glasses in a combined trip with the veg shopping for our journey tomorrow. Although we were … Continue reading

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Rain? What Rain?

Hubby checked the radar and weather site at 6 am this morning, and confirmed there was no rain anywhere on the map, or a time frame when to expect some. However, our own foolproof method suggested otherwise, as not only … Continue reading

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Don’t look now………………

It’s the start of a Bank Holiday Weekend and they were all out to kill us. We ventured into one of the larger towns this morning as Hubby had seen a stud fastening kit on the internet that may solve … Continue reading

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Idiot Monday

I have no idea if it’s the recent rain after so many dry days or the sudden sunshine afterwards that appears to have addled some people’s brains. We went into town today to visit one of the major banks as … Continue reading

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When is a pot hole not a pot hole?

Hubby and I must be mad. Absolutely, totally and completely nuts. Why? Because we braved the elements to take the dog out for her walk this morning. She is a creature of habit, and we were herded towards the front … Continue reading

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