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Too hot

The heat brings out the worst in us, Tempers short and frayed, Pavements heaving with people, Came out of the shop and dismayed To find Hubby and car were missing From where he’d stopped for me To return something unsuitable, … Continue reading

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It’s crazy here

We’ve had a quiet day, pottering about in the garden this morning, doing the housework, that kind of thing, so this afternoon Hubby wanted to get some compressed sawdust for a project and the local pet shop seemed like a … Continue reading

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I never thought I’d say it………………

But bring back the lockdown! Our field trip was a non event other than doing the first of June’s shopping early. Traffic wasn’t that bad, but the picnic area car parks were filling up, and those in the supermarket. OMG. … Continue reading

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Welcome to our beach

After a late start to the day and discovering the park was not heaving with tourists as we’d expected when we took Maggie for a walk, we ventured up to the beach. The council has opened up the main car … Continue reading

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Still they come……..

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and if things were normal, the town would be heaving with visitors. The park would be full of people walking their dogs en route up to the prom, eating in one of the many cafes, visiting … Continue reading

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Holiday Season

It is absolutely no fun whatsoever going shopping or walking into town just now. We expected it to be busy at the height of the season but you literally cannot move sometimes. This has inadvertently had a knock on effect … Continue reading

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And thus endeth the half year

Don’t punch me, but Hubby and I will be making plans for our unofficial Christmas in the next couple of weeks. We’ve invited MOH up before the holiday season really gets underway and intend to get the tree down and … Continue reading

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E is for Embarrassment (to name just one)

Stratford-Upon-Avon is extremely popular for narrow boat Excursions both for holiday hires and owners like us. There are a total of 129 locks on the 109 mile route of The Avon Ring and Stratford-Upon- Avon is part of it, so … Continue reading

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