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Lazy Afternoon

As Hubby and Dog snooze, Their tummies full, life content, The sun shines through the window, Passing over the house to back, Heating off, warm and cosy, Think I’ll join them.

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Time Out

I am passing on this week’s Monday challenges as I’m exhausted. Getting up at 6 am I can do without too much of a problem, but this morning we were up at 5, and that has been a killer. I … Continue reading

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Time for bed, Time turned on its head, It’s been a long day, Nothing much more to say. Tired and drawn To a duvet so warm, Tucked up for the night Dog on left, Hubs on right. Yep, sure is … Continue reading

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Stop! Think!

Everything is harder When you’re tired. Nothing is a pleasure, When tiredness takes over. Little niggles become mountains When sleep has been deprived, Tempers have no fuse and blow When rest has been denied. People can be tiresome And Patience … Continue reading

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It was a Good Night……

For the first night in weeks we have slept without dream disturbances. Maggie snuggled in close and didn’t move all night and Hubby was comfy and warm as everything was tucked in at the bottom to encase his feet. I … Continue reading

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Everyone has limits, be they emotional, physical or mental. I remember a speed limit traffic sign in NZ saying ‘It’s not a target’ though it took a while to remember that their signs are in kilometers, not miles. However, this … Continue reading

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Tired Doggy

Our girl is shattered. She is curled up alongside me with her nose buried in Grandad’s lap, toes tucked under her chin, giving it ZZZZzzzzzs. Yesterday, we travelled a fair distance and due to the day’s activities, she didn’t get … Continue reading

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Muggin’ the mugwumps

There are some days when I wake up and find my back hurts, I’m feeling tired and pretty fed up for no apparent reason. My back problems began years ago, aggravated by too much ten pin bowling and carrying heavy … Continue reading

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