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Power To The People!

Well, Me actually. I have a small problem with power. My laptop has 6 hours of battery life, but usually I am plugged into mains and so can read, blog, research via another window, choose my images from google, or … Continue reading

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Ticking off

There is something comforting about the ‘tick tock’ of an old clock. It never rushes, slows, or changes rhythm, hypnotic in its chant as it marks the beating of your heart and the passing of Time. As I look at … Continue reading

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Time Presses On

Actually, this should be my title for a post in March as the clocks went BACK yesterday, not forward. In the past, this time change played havoc with Maggie and it usually takes a couple of months for her to … Continue reading

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Seventy Days

Tuesday 7th October In seventy days, we have had three sailings, four if you include the initial journey. We have had covers fitted aft and stern resulting in extra space, warmth and protection from the elements. We have converted the … Continue reading

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Beam Me Up

One of my favourite TV series from yesteryear was Star Trek (1966-69) . Captain Kirk always got the girl, McCoy got the laughs, Mr Spock had the eyebrow exercise, Uhura spoke to everyone through her ear appendage and Scottie engineered … Continue reading

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Once in a life Time

I woke up this morning, and as is my usual habit, automatically looked at the illuminated display on our digital clock radio. It was early. Five thirty to be exact, but according to the dog’s body clock, it was time … Continue reading

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Sleep, the final frontier…..

I have a lot of things rattling around in my head at the moment: concerns about the future, worries about what to do for the best, selling the house, anxieties about family, health issues and that’s before I’ve even got … Continue reading

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I’m not mean, Honest

    I just don’t have a lot of spare money, that’s all.     I remember asking a friend what I could give her for her birthday. She surprised me by saying “Two hours of your time”. When I … Continue reading

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