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Just a thought………19th June

It has been another hot day, though after yesterday’s rain, the air is refreshed and cleansed. The house is less stuffy, and we can breathe easier. Hubby and I don’t like the heat. That’s not saying we relish in being … Continue reading

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Time is not Determined by space, It has no identity, Persona or face, Distance is not a Matter of miles, It is a thief Stealing once happy smiles. Love scattered on The wings of sorrow, My today is Someone’s tomorrow. Nursing … Continue reading

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The Man in the Window

Think of us as we find our feet in our new home and how long it will take us to find ‘that bench; for ‘that cup of coffee’ to people watch as we did here!

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Food takes a back seat.

It’s 5.45 pm and I’m hungry. That may not be much of a surprise considering it is time for our evening meal after all. However, as more often than not lately, I have realised that apart from breakfast (speedy melon) … Continue reading

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Slow down, you’re writing too fast!

I had a really busy day at the keyboard yesterday, putting out seven, yes seven, posts on a variety of subjects so I hope you didn’t get too fed up with me! That’s the trouble when it’s a horrible day … Continue reading

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A Day with Twenty Five Hours

It’s that time of year when a day has an extra hour. Retiring to bed the night before, we put our clocks back so that when we get up in the morning, the day starts more or less as normal. … Continue reading

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Running Away Days

There are days when time just runs away from us and we lose track of it completely. Today has been such a day, and yet it’s not as if we had a late start. Well, Hubby didn’t anyway as he … Continue reading

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Upside Down Day

Yesterday was a bit of an upside down day for us. No, not that the boat suddenly turned turtle and tried to tan her underside, just that everything went to pot after about midday! We’d gone out for some basic … Continue reading

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Hello! How are You?

Such an innocuous greeting, one we usually respond to with ‘I’m fine thanks’. It’s automatic I suppose, but are we really? We hadn’t been in the bungalow very long when I had a phone call from a friend I hadn’t … Continue reading

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No matter how careful (or clever) we are in putting her off, Maggie knows the time. When I was working, our previous dog would lie at the front door about five minutes before I was due to get home. Maggie … Continue reading

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