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Boring, Boring, BORING

Food. Yep, food. I am fed up with food. Not just fed, but fed up. I’m not particularly adventurous in the kitchen, love all the things that are bad for me, and trying to make a variety out of the … Continue reading

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Almost weakened……………

Hubby still laughs at me when I see Syn values on the supermarket shelf instead of biscuits, chocolate, cakes, desserts, and more recently, cereal bars. One of our supermarkets had a special offer (they’re a killer aren’t they ?) a … Continue reading

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It’s a Sin

A devil, a temptress, a siren Calling to me, drawing me in: Your brothers and sisters an army Of delight invading my soul, Staring down from perches on high, Teasing in their torment of guilt and shame. Oh how I … Continue reading

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Money Trap

It had been another cold night, but Tommy had been lucky in finding a way into a derelict building so at least he had been able to get under cover and there had been sufficient materials lying around to protect … Continue reading

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