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A hole has appeared……………

It was nice to go to our old dentist surgery today. One of our regular girls from four years ago is still there, and the atmosphere is still friendly and relaxed. We completed our medical questionnaires, which have seen a … Continue reading

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Teeth revisited

I did a post on this shortly after I started my blog, complete with a poem (smile here). With so many adverts on TV at the moment about toothpastes and mouthwashes, I can’t help but notice other people’s gnashers! My … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

I have a sweet tooth. A very demanding sweet tooth, and if I’m not careful, it will get the better of me and start s(t)inging from the rooftops if I’ve had too much sugar, especially of the ‘sour/fizzy’ variety. Now … Continue reading

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Cutting to the Quick

Just food for thought following on from my post A Dog for Christmas? I have never had a manicure. As a child, I bit my nails anyway which was put down as a nervous habit at junior school but a … Continue reading

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  “What does a Vampire with no teeth give you?” Answer: a very nasty suck.     OK, old joke, but hopefully it still raised a smile.     Your smile can tell someone a lot about you. A smile … Continue reading

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