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So much for a quiet day

Following on from my post yesterday in respect of the Adblue for the car. Hubby has topped up the reservoir and it took another eight litres. Having now put in twelve, and a full reservoir is apparently sufficient for twelve … Continue reading

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Electric Vehicles……………. a personal opinion

Hubby is always making sure various pieces of equipment are unplugged and/or turned off at the mains if ever we got out. This includes kettles, transformers and laptops. It got a bit tedious, though I do it asĀ  matter of … Continue reading

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Another obstacle…………….. or two

Having got on top of the F episode, we now have another bugbear. No pun was unintentional, but it’s very apt. We now seem to be housing Mites. As to their full identity, the jury’s out on that one at … Continue reading

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The Future at Our Door

Technology has come a long way since colour TV, the first ATMs and mobile phones. Now they are talking about Internet Services being accessible through everyday household items such as fridges. That little light that comes on every time you … Continue reading

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Some of my early readers may remember this post from October 2014 https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/the-only-choice/ If you haven’t read it, I’ll wait, as it’s quite relevant to this entry: (cue musical interlude graphics).

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Times they are a changin’

These days, we are both finding it difficult to keep up with Time, and more often than not, one of us will ask the other what day it is or what the date is. One of my ten pound dash … Continue reading

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Snap to it

Oh dear. Our camera has snapped one snap too many and something inside it has snapped. We were trying to take a picture of the duckling (we think) we saved with Mummy Duck, and the message on the screen was … Continue reading

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The Day Hubby Lost It

The internet here at the boat can be iffy, though lately we have been able to sit at our laptops without disconnection and do what we happily like to do. We have identified ‘flagging times’ when automatic back ups are … Continue reading

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The Old Ways

It takes less than 5 minutes to clean through the boat, well on the inside anyway. In our old house, we had his and hers hoovers as I couldn’t get on with the cylinder (of The Henry series) and Hubby … Continue reading

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No Post

One of my favourite sayings when we lived in the house was ‘No Post, no bills’. However, receipt of letters was very rare and sadly the only mail we ever got was actually bills, unless of course it was someone’s … Continue reading

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