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I could crush a grape!

Or jump on a box, or put my fist up close and personal to however is responsible for the miles of red tape, stress and BS we are being subjected to. Today it was the turn of Hubby to keep … Continue reading

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Contact us………… er, like how?

Hubby and I hate technology and how everything is now dependant on the internet. He received a letter from the tax office today stating he owed them almost £500. Looking on the back of the demand, there was a breakdown … Continue reading

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Sugar Daddy

Well done Mr Osborne, our Chancellor. He has plans to introduce a sugar tax on fizzy drinks and has given the manufacturers 2 years to change their recipes or cough up. This move is supposed to help address the obesity … Continue reading

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Hubby and I love doughnuts, almost as much as belgian buns. However, our local supermarket changed their recipe a little while ago and as they weren’t as nice, we stopped buying them. Obviously neither did anybody else as they have now … Continue reading

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What it means to me

As I said in my earlier post, it’s Budget Day today. In years gone by, I wasn’t exactly fanatical enough to take the day off and make notes like some people I knew, but I would take an interest and … Continue reading

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