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Rory’s 24 hour blog question: Top 5

Rory aka a Guy Called Bloke asks What would be your Top 5 Things that Award You Joy/Enjoyment? My top 5 things would be: 1. Hubby: He is my rock, always there for me, has never let me down, loves … Continue reading

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A Follower observation

I’ve mentioned before about marketing and other professional sites clicking the follow button on my blog, although the posts or what I write is usually far from what their business is. To be honest, I’ve given up wasting my time … Continue reading

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SWMBO’s new hat

SWMBO is a jack of all trades, She keeps on top of the meds, She cleans the house and walks the dog, And even makes the beds. From day to day she gets things done, Unorthodox methods maybe, But the … Continue reading

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New and Improved

Meet the new SWMBO, no longer under wraps!

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The SWMBOs keep multiplying

Many of you know that Hubby refers to me as SWMBO. I find this very endearing, not like the idiot woman who took umbrage and left her husband who referred to her as such! Hubby is very inventive, and to … Continue reading

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Hubby’s got a Brand New SWMBO

No, we’re not getting divorced! The home matches in the hall are hotting up as I am still missing my doubles to finish. If I don’t lose three straight, I may win one of the three. It’s no good getting … Continue reading

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SWMBOs of the world Unite

Going back to an earlier post today re a woman walking out on her husband because he gave her the nickname SWMBO. Hubby thought you’d like to see the real me (or me as he sees me). I love his little … Continue reading

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News Headline Comment: 17 Sept

Hubby loves me, as I do him. I know that. I don’t question it, it’s a given. He has a nickname for me, as I do him. That nickname is endearing and he refers to me a lot as such … Continue reading

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