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Counting the days

These are the pictures I took of the swan on the nest this morning. It’s a magnificent structure. I don’t know if it was the male or female ‘sitting’ (apparently the female has a paler beak) but the other was … Continue reading

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I’m actually excited!

This doesn’t happen often, almost as rare as solar eclipses to be honest. I was talking to one of the marina staff about the resident swans yesterday, in particular the pair I saw sitting on a nest. They are sitting … Continue reading

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On a more peaceful note

Here are some pics from our journey on Friday when we took the boat out. These were just two of the fields full of Canada and Greylag geese. These were two different pairs as we were coming back. These were … Continue reading

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Two out of three

I mentioned a little while ago that up on the drainage ditch locally there were a new family of ducklings, a lone heron and a pair of swans sitting on a nest. We saw the ducklings for the first time … Continue reading

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Missed Photo Opportunity

You can tell I’m not a photographer. I never have the camera when I want it. Tonight if I had, I would have captured this when we walked the dog: and this: and these beautiful creatures playing in the field: … Continue reading

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Swannie River

We took the dog up the lane last week and noticed two swans sitting on a nest at the junction where a small drainage ditch meets a slightly larger one. We decided to park the car and walk the dog … Continue reading

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Soul Mates

Is your partner your Soul Mate? I know mine is. We were destined to meet as he used to go to the same places as me but on different nights, and when he was stationed abroad, the guy in the … Continue reading

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