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Tied up with a pretty bow

We’ve noticed on our walks recently an abundance of blue bows on trees, gateposts, doors and fences. We asked our neighbour if she knew what they were all about, and apparently it is a means to show support to all … Continue reading

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Thoughts and feelings after breast surgery

Hubby and I were talking about things last night when we went to bed. Obviously what outsiders see could be what we want them to rather than how things really are, but that’s not our way……….. with our friends or … Continue reading

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Time for a change of menu

I was speaking to a neighbour yesterday who also attends SW but goes to the local Wednesday meeting whereas I go on Mondays. She’s a great character, but finding it difficult, especially as she has a sweet tooth that knocks … Continue reading

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A Different View

I’ve said before how I never thought joining a Group for weight loss would work for me after my disastrous and soul destroying membership of The Opposition in the late 1990s. In our group, everyone is supportive and friendly. One … Continue reading

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Definition as per The Free Dictionary 1. To lay waste; destroy. 2. To overwhelm; confound; stun: was devastated by the rude remark. Everyone is different and something that appears devastating to one person may seem trivial to another. Support and … Continue reading

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Doggy blues

With all the current upheaval regarding our house move (or not) , it is having an affect on Maggie. Poor love. We are trying to keep to some kind of normal routine with her walks, but she’s not daft and … Continue reading

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Old friend

I saw a friend today. In fact, actually I didn’t, Hubby did, and I had to do a triple take. We haven’t seen him around for a while though we were aware he and his wife had separated about 2 … Continue reading

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