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Following on……………27 August

Following on from this post, Hubby and I were up early this morning to get to the supermarket for opening time at 8am. The car park was half full, or perhaps still half empty, but with three minutes to go, the … Continue reading

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Shopping Crash!

This hospital lark is bloody expensive! Hubby has already bought me my sports bras for thirty notes, I got two button down tops for £12, and a pair of smaller sized jogging trousers for less than a fiver. Reading some … Continue reading

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Hubby goes shopping

This is a bit of an unfair title as it suggests that Hubby doesn’t do shopping. Actually, he does, a lot, but there are times, like yesterday, when we can’t both go in the shop. As you know, Maggie had … Continue reading

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Caught Out

I consider myself to be an easy-going kinda gal, the sort that likes to help other people out, dog sit for friends, assist short people with shopping items on top shelves etc, that kind of thing. There is such a … Continue reading

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Other People’s Shopping

Have you ever watched the customer in front of you in the supermarket queue, taken an interest in what is actually in their trolley and even more the cost of the bill at the end? Judging from my previous post, … Continue reading

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Christmas Day has moved

Some time ago, Hubby and I decided that once in a while we would try to have a ‘Proper Dinner’, ie. meat and veg with all the trimmings (no pud) when we were out. This could be either at a … Continue reading

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They all love a uniform

What do school, the armed forces and the job market all have in common? Answer: A Uniform. James Stewart, one of my favourite actors, especially in The Glenn Miller Story. I never knew Hubby when he was in the Forces, … Continue reading

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Take me to your Leader

I wonder what the Extra Terrestrials would make of Our World today? Are we a prime target for invasion because of the discontent and unrest across our globe, or would they by-pass us because our world is in such a … Continue reading

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Price Wars

We went shopping today. Not for very much, just a few bits and pieces to tide us over until the end of the month and payday. I needed tea bags, and usually purchase the pyramid variety on special offer at … Continue reading

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A Matter of Choice

I miss the old days. You know, when you would go into a chemist for a bottle of shampoo and your choice was Dry, Normal or Greasy. Now there are shelves and shelves of the stuff, and it’s a nightmare … Continue reading

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