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Spring Forward

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Spring is in the air. The clocks have gone forward for British Summer Time, which will unsettle the dog for a few weeks. We are seeing signs of Spring here. Yellow is the colour, not only…

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Sunday Confessionals : Musical

This week, Oloriel would like us to create or share a previous creation that was in a way influenced by music. I inherited my Dad’s natural gift for playing the piano by ear and my music has seen me through … Continue reading

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Sunday Confessionals : Open

Oloriel is our host and this week would like to invite us to open up, about something, or to speak candidly about a yearning we have of long ago. For years as I was growing up I wanted to have … Continue reading

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Walk in the Woods 12th January: a reblog for Sunday Confessionals.

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When we arrived, the car park was quiet, so we guessed we were likely to meet up with people because it always seems to work out that way. The sun through the trees was quite lovely,…

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Reverse Abecedarium: a reblog

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Zig zags carve my mind, bringing forth Youthful reminders of Xenial days revolving around friends and family. Withered and dying, Voices begin to echo Unbidden and unwelcome Through my subconsciousness, Succumbing to illogical Reason, it is…

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Sunday Confessionals: An odd ode

This week, for Sunday Confessionals, Oloriel would like you to participate with an ode. An ode is: a lyric poem, typically one in the form of an address to a particular subject, written in varied or irregular metre. a classical poem of a kind … Continue reading

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Card making session 13th November

I really got stuck in today and have made 21 cards. These and the ones I’ve already made  should be enough now for our friends and those I have to post. Stamps are not an issue as I have plenty … Continue reading

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Sunday Confessionals – Autumn Season

The trees shimmer in golds and russets, casting a warmth on a chilly November day last year. Such was the scene when we visited the woods a year after losing Maggie. It seemed strange not to have her running in … Continue reading

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Sunday Confessionals : Leisure

Thank you Oloriel for setting today’s prompt. Hope you are feeling better soon. Today, I would like you to create or share pieces that for you mean : rest Rest is something hard to find these days. We are both … Continue reading

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Sunday Confessionals: Quoting

Oloriel hosts the MLMM Sunday Confessionals. Click here to find out more and join in. This Sunday, I would like to invite you to create a piece inspired by your favourite quote, or a quote that has impacted any aspect … Continue reading

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