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Doris is a Bitch!

It had to happen. I’ve just clicked on to the news to see how Doris is progressing and the headline read 100mph gusts on Doris Day. Now I love Doris Day movies. I grew up with Calamity Jane, Pillow Talk, … Continue reading

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Today’s water photos

Yet another day of rain and high winds. Even the ducks are fed up and gone elsewhere. We were only out for a couple of hours, but in that time, the water has crept further into the bottom car park, … Continue reading

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Splashing, thrashing, bashing

It doesn’t worry me when it rains now as living on the boat, as the water rises so do we. In the cottage, it was a different story, wind and heavy rain would keep me awake, and I would be … Continue reading

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R S and T is for ………………..

Weather, which has conveniently grouped my next consecutive letters together. Rain, Spotty (?) Showers and Thunder to be exact. Us Brits are always complaining about the weather, it’s either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, too … Continue reading

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Her name is Rachel

The water level is the highest we’ve seen it, in the reddest of the red water depth gauge, and although the gantry isn’t exactly horizontal, it may well be if this keeps up. Bertha tried. So did Gonzalo. Today is … Continue reading

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According to the Met Office, we were due to be hit by a hurricane in the early hours today. In readiness, we both laid out practical clothes in case we had to get up in a hurry. A year or … Continue reading

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