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Hello? Is anyone there?

My stats started to rocket this afternoon and I noticed that one Caissa Mae Ramirez Yapchiongco caissayap.wordpress.com was liking an awful lot of my stuff (to the extent of 32 likes) so I thought I’d check them out. This is … Continue reading

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Reading, Learning and Adapting

I read a post from Fandango this morning which drew out the number cruncher in me and got my mind thinking. I’m a windbag, gasbag, chatterbox, aka I talk a lot. Or at least I used to. At school, I … Continue reading

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Welcome Newbies!

I’ve noticed a spike in new followers, so welcome everyone who has recently clicked the button, and thanks too to my regulars who have stuck around. 😀 Pensitivity101 is a mixed bag of challenges, prompts, poetry, opinions, stories, photos and … Continue reading

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Stat’s great!

July has been a good blogging month for me. With two daily view totals over 500 (531 on the 19th and 561 on the 21st), it also saw my highest monthly number of views at 11, 037, and a little … Continue reading

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Wow, thank you and welcome!

I hit a landmark or two yesterday and have all of you to thank. My views topped the 500 mark, my highest, and my followers 1650, so a big welcome to my new readers. My highest number of likes in … Continue reading

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Spike in my stats!

NZ has just rocketed to 40 views………………. yo Bro and Co! XXX

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Thank you for joining me

I have noticed a significant increase in my number of followers and would just like to say Thank you and Welcome.

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Best Day of the Year

Not only did I snap my Kingfisher, but these are my stats for yesterday…. best number of likes in one day EVER. Thank you all so much.

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STATS, a different understanding

As many of us have observed, WP has been tinkering behind the scenes for months, and this evening I’ve been looking back over my STATS. Despite my views figure reducing considerably since November, I have noticed HIGHER numbers on the … Continue reading

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It’s nought to do with me

Just a little update from an ongoing problem on my Dashboard ‘Posts’ summary page. I had reported it to the Happiness Engineer that although my comments per post were showing, the Likes column showed ZERO against all entries, even though … Continue reading

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