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Blowing hot air

It’s half past midnight and I can’t sleep. The temperature in the bedroom is 25º and likely to get hotter as the week progresses. It’s too hot indoors, but even hotter outside, and in the car? Hell, I could bake … Continue reading

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Everything is going pear shaped. No internet access on the marina yesterday, so here we are in McD having coffee. Hubby can connect to their WIFI but I can’t, so I’m on his machine whilst he tinkers with mine. The … Continue reading

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Problem or challenge?

My former Boss said we never had Problems, just Challenges. That was OK in the office I suppose, but sometimes Challenges cannot be overcome, and in turn become Issues. Now they can be a problem! Hubby and I were talking about … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking…………..

Hubby says this is normally dangerous as he never knows what I’m going to come up with next (can’t be any more drastic than buying a boat instead of a house!). Anyway…… Anyone who has not seen footage or heard … Continue reading

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Right Said Fred

Except it wasn’t Fred, and it wasn’t right. I was going to copy the lyrics to the above Bernard Cribbins classic, a song about shifting something big that wouldn’t fit, taking it apart, knocking down walls and taking out a … Continue reading

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