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Up in Smoke

When I was at school, I remember being shocked (yes, shocked!) that four of my favourite teachers smoked. I was also stunned when at a wedding, the bride was holding a cigarette in the other hand to her bouquet. As … Continue reading

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Cigarette Smoke

This slowly rising plume Attracts a kind of macabre beauty. Tendrils drift in an exotic dance, Hypnotic in their wake. Luring you in to a false Sense of security and belonging Until it’s too late And the damage is done

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Did you or didn’t you?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Do you make New Year Resolutions? I suppose it’s a good idea to some extent, a definite date to begin (or stop) something, but I confess I cannot remember making any, and if I did, I probably … Continue reading

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Foods that are good for you.

There aren’t any. If you believe everything you read, what the Experts say is good for you one week, is bad for you the next, and I’ve even read conflicting reports on the same day in the same headline group! … Continue reading

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