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The Nose Has It

Maggie could win gold in any Olympic sniffathon, and taking her for a walk can be slow and laborious as she has to find the exact blade of grass of the exact length before she graces it with a pee … Continue reading

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That lingering aroma…………….

There are times when we come back to the boat after our afternoon walk and on opening the hatch are welcomed by the smell of whatever I’d cooked for dinner. Now this can range from rosemary used in cooking my … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Smell

Does a certain smell evoke a particular memory for you? Does it bring someone to the forefront of your mind? Does it trigger a fear or something unpleasant? In the 1946 film ‘A Matter of Life and Death’, David Niven’s … Continue reading

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Wil o’ the Whiff

My sense of smell is pretty acute, though obviously from a dog’s point of view it’s actually pathetic. However, I am sure most of us have had an encounter of the smelly kind and in some instances have found it … Continue reading

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Another Sunday Walk Thought

The morning was bright, if not chilly first thing, and I got up early to walk her ladyship whilst Hubby was working on his blog. It was just after 7am as we walked down the Avenue, though I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Never forget

I walked Maggie along the Avenue this morning, and for once did not encounter a single dog walker. People were waiting at the bus stop, and a guy passed me on his mobility scooter (could be an interesting race that, … Continue reading

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Mine Sweeper

Have you ever watched a dog sniffing the ground? I mean, really watched? Source:  Understanding a dog’s sense of smell (for Dummies) Table: Scent-Detecting Cells in People and Dog Breeds Species Number of Scent Receptors Humans 5 million Dachshund 125 … Continue reading

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It all makes sense now

So there you have it, my take on the five senses, Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell, and Hearing. In writing these, I have learned something more about myself and my view of life. I had once thought that if I lost … Continue reading

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I am a Biscuit

  My sense of smell is very acute. In fact, it was a standing joke at home that I could smell freshly cooked sausage rolls from 200 yards. It was no good Mum trying to hide them as I would … Continue reading

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