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Sleep: Eyes closed, Darkness not Quite absolute. Shadows dance behind Eyelids paper Thin with age. Rest now, Sleep.

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Can’t sleep

Sleep won’t come. Eyes close, Mind full Rubbish rules. High pitch Whine heard, Tinnitus rampant No peace. Song repeats Doesn’t help, Dog turns, Snores softly, Lucky girl. Play games, Lights off, Sleep won’t come Before morning.  

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All caught up

Hurrah! I’ve caught up with myself and my prompts. Tomorrow is Thursday and Hubby has his rescheduled ultrasound, so we shall be off pretty early in the morning. Hopefully we should all have another good night’s sleep. It’s been a … Continue reading

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Song Lyric Sunday

Our theme for Song Lyric Sunday this week is sleep. This is one of my favourite Alison Moyet tracks from the 1984 ‘ALF’ album. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqeHHs5yhGU Written By Tony Swain, Steve Jolley & Alison Moyet Lyrics from metrolyrics.com Where hides sleep Where hides sleep Where hides … Continue reading

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Alphabeat beats counting Sheep!

A couple of my recent posts have got me thinking and that could be dangerous! In ‘Times they are a changin”,  I was looking for images of sci-fi films about robots taking over the world, and in ‘My Five Minutes … Continue reading

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Oh what a night

Nothing to do with The Four Season’s 1975 hit or December ’63, but what a night last night was. I slept.

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Sleeping on the Edge.

I’ve done a few posts on sleep (for example here and here). Naturally, a good mattress helps towards a good night’s sleep, but sometimes even the most expensive becomes a hindrance rather than an asset. I am an edge sleeper. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Good Morning Sunday

Sunday morning, Half past one, Restless and hot, Sleep won’t come. Tossing and turning, My mind wide awake, It’s gone three o’clock, Let me sleep for god’s sake! I could read for a bit, But that wouldn’t be right, Curling up … Continue reading

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Going to the Mattresses

This isn’t part of the Three Quote Challenge, though it could be as apparently it’s from The Godfather as referred to in You Got Mail. No, this is really about beds.     In one of the early episodes of NCIS (before … Continue reading

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One Big Sleep

Sorry Kids, the Bearded Guy in the Red Suit won’t be visiting tonight, but it’s not that far away, promise! What a difference a good night’s sleep makes. OK I woke up in the early hours and heard the wind, … Continue reading

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