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Hark, the Angels sing

Walking into town yesterday on my own, I could hear singing. I looked around and there were plenty of homes with fairy lights of varying numbers and colours, but I could not see where the voice was coming from. Silent … Continue reading

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Old favourites

Going through my blog photos looking for something in particular, I came across this and still find it funny. Here’s another one that also amused me at the time That’s me and Sis by the way. Never really seen eye … Continue reading

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Copy Cat

To look at them, you’d never know That they were bound by blood, Similarities were few As kids or in adulthood. But sometimes there had been a thing That both of them would try, At different times, another pace, And … Continue reading

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The Day of Drooping Tulips

It was a funny old morning when we woke up. For a change, I wasn’t sleepily groggy even though it was only 6am and as we had no plans for the day and the subject had come up yesterday, we … Continue reading

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Are you an Also Person

Are you one of those people who are rarely given a second, third or even fourth thought by family or friends? If so, you are probably an Also Person and as such, among the most caring, dependable and reliable people … Continue reading

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