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It’s official: prices are going up

Following on from my post a couple of days ago about rising prices I was reading this article this morning (source) which added fuel to my argument (not that anything will change, but hey). This is my amended calculations with the … Continue reading

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Shopping comparisons

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but a lot of that is because the way we shop has changed since Hubby’s op in 2020 and then Covid took hold so I am now doing a bulk shop … Continue reading

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Gingernuts 25, Sausage Rolls 28

You may remember a little while ago I had a gripe about being shortchanged in our packets of gingernut biscuits, and instead of getting 30 in a 300g pack, on occasion we only had 29. Well this seemed to become … Continue reading

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Jingle Jangle

We went shopping today and as I was waiting for Hubby to purchase a gate latch for our neighbour, I tuned into the radio. It’s December 1st and the Christmas songs were blaring out over the airwaves. I must admit … Continue reading

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Do you have a Christmas Budget?

With December just around the corner, the media headlines are full of Christmas, from gifts to food to toys and budgets. Some families are no doubt anxious and worried about the holidays and seeing to it that their kids don’t … Continue reading

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A Productive Afternoon

We left home in plenty of time to allow for Saturday traffic and shoppers. It didn’t happen, and we arrived for the Swab half an hour early.  To be honest, I had to double check our text message as there … Continue reading

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A pleasant surprise

We had a good shopping session after Hubby’s INR this morning. As expected he is out of range, but only just, so all being well it should settle down by next week. We decided to visit the Co-op in the … Continue reading

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There is officially less of me!

We have been out for the majority of the day and having checked our route before leaving home, Hubby discovered four sets of roadworks in areas we could not avoid, so we left earlier than we had intended. Although we … Continue reading

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Annie get yer gun………….

It has been a really productive morning as we decided to have a field trip to go looking for a glue gun for my card making kit. We found several ranging in price from £4 to £10, but none were … Continue reading

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Bit of a let down on several counts

Well, for a blank page of a day, it has certainly had some things in it! We got Hubby’s prescription with no trouble, then decided to stop in town and try to get him some light weight shoes. We have … Continue reading

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