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Normal Service

Has gone AWOL. This morning after breakfast, I suddenly realised that I had done no shopping for almost a week. In a way this is a good thing as it means I have been using up what we had in … Continue reading

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What’s in a Number?

I got my card box out today but couldn’t settle and my experiment wasn’t coming together very well, so Hubby suggested we go out for a drive. Maggie was quite content to come, and it’s been much cooler today so … Continue reading

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Worn out shoes

Once again I have had to replace my trainers as the inside has worn out far quicker than the soles. For a while I have noticed severe pain in my right foot and put it down to the way I … Continue reading

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A shopping we will go…………..

Food prices, especially fruit, are on the rise again. My list these days consists of meat (optional depending on stew, ‘proper’ dinner, curry or spaghetti bolognese), veg, fruit and milk. Not very inspiring is it. I’ve bought cheese this month, … Continue reading

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Red, yellow, white (and green?)

Veggies, I must have veggies! My scales are climbing Everest, and it’s only been a couple of days! Cue Stew. Two day stew, big pan, big veggies, plenty of stock, and to show willing, the fresh crusty bread bit the … Continue reading

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Hello America?

I have just logged into WP (6pm) as we have been out most of the day. The car is being looked at this week and we have been given the same model, but with a bigger engine as a courtesy … Continue reading

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Speed Food diary

The weekend has started by chucking it down with rain. I walked the dog first thing and the three of us went up into town around lunchtime for the Christmas market…………. which isn’t on until tomorrow. Last year we got … Continue reading

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