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Today is Wednesday 27th January

The day started pretty well and the meters were read with no unpleasant surprises. We’d decided to do our February stock up today as I wanted to go to the bank and our nearest branch is either 17 or 20 … Continue reading

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Shopping on a budget

Hubby picked up on a headline today about a savvy mum spending £10 on food for the week in comparison to the government’s ‘£30 food parcel’ which probably only cost just over a fiver. I couldn’t find that one, but … Continue reading

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Our shopping experience today

It was horrible! The journey wasn’t too bad until we were about 2 miles out, then traffic was getting busy coming in the opposite direction. I was glad I wasn’t driving as the potholes are now craters. The plan was … Continue reading

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My Mommy is a dinosaur

Hubby often says that when it comes to technology these days, he’s a bit of a dinosaur. Imagine our surprise then to see a T-Rex in the aisles of the supermarket this morning happily going about her business with a … Continue reading

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Baffled R Us

Shopping today has been a successful trip, but the experience a little bemusing. To clarify the title of this post, I’ll start at the end of our shopping triathlon as this was where it occurred. I was sitting in the … Continue reading

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Broke, but happy

Oh what fun, spending money! I have got so many bits and pieces ranging from a four pack of cards with butterfly cutouts on the sides, glossy papers, stickers and 3D flowers. To be honest though, the selection wasn’t as … Continue reading

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Our Shopping Trip today

We got it wrong, and paid for it dearly. Usually we are entering the first shop within half an hour of their opening time, but today we went up late and didn’t get to our first supermarket until 10.30. But … Continue reading

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We went Shopping Today

The plan was to get into town early before the rush, so we left home at 7.45, stopping off for a potty break for Maggie. We arrived at our first shop at 8.20. Plenty of places to park, no queues … Continue reading

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The Green Shoes

They were very smart green suede shoes with a modest heel and looked comfortable. They have been following me. It started in the car park when a lady walked past me to get a trolley. I was fumbling around for … Continue reading

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Today is Wednesday 17th June

Urgh!  Shopping in our town of choice was HORRIBLE!!! Where to start as it all went pretty downhill after we stopped for a potty break! Some guy in a council flatbed had parked across the access point to my ‘pet’ … Continue reading

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