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Dear Colin

This post is actually dedicated to Colin’s dog, Ray. Maggie ‘did a Ray’ this morning. I was walking her back from the lock when she decided she didn’t want to go along the road, but turned right up towards the … Continue reading

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The Only Choice

Morgan was a big man, at six three and two hundred and fifty pounds. But even he felt insignificant and inadequate when he saw the rows upon rows of choice before him. Why was nothing easy anymore? It didn’t seem … Continue reading

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They all love a uniform

What do school, the armed forces and the job market all have in common? Answer: A Uniform. James Stewart, one of my favourite actors, especially in The Glenn Miller Story. I never knew Hubby when he was in the Forces, … Continue reading

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Beware! Buskers!

February is proving not to be a good month for me. I am now on crutches. And it is all the fault of a rather good busking band in town yesterday. ‘Rather good’ is an understatement really. They were actually … Continue reading

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