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Time to go…………….

I don’t own a pair of shoes as I live in trainers or crocs for short walks or the garden, and shortly before my birthday I invested in a new pair of trainers. The ones I have been wearing were … Continue reading

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Shoes and K(n)ickers

Hubby’s shoes are worn on the inside, and whilst they didn’t cause him blisters after Sunday’s walk, he does have bruised feet. Footwear is something we both have problems with and don’t like shopping for. The comfy trainers I’m wearing … Continue reading

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Stepping out

Today’s shopping spree saw me almost getting my shoes for the wedding too. A long time ago, like the 1970s when platforms were all the rage, I had a smashing pair of strappy blue sandals which were so comfortable, I … Continue reading

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Raindrops keep falling on my…………..

feet. Yeah, once again I have had to go shopping for foot attire due to a case of soggy socks. Being diabetic, foot care is important. My uncle lost a foot because he didn’t take enough notice of a stone … Continue reading

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The Wrong Shoes

When I was at junior school, although we had a uniform, shoes were practical and comfortable, with black plimsolls (or daps) for games. We could wear lace ups, buckles, or slip ons, and at one stage I wore a bright … Continue reading

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Walk in my other shoes

Following on from my post ‘Walk in my Shoes’,  we have been shopping for replacements (thank you all for your comments by the way). When we went into town last week, the shop where I got my last pair still … Continue reading

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Walk in my shoes

I am getting awfully worried and concerned. I’ve said before that I hate shopping, especially for clothes and shoes, but the time is coming around again for me to replace some footwear. The boots I bought last year   are … Continue reading

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Feral pigeons, totties and painted nails

Today I was able to people watch, as we’d parked in a side road adjacent to the shopping precinct. Whilst Hubby was out looking for something in particular, I stayed in the car with the dog as it was too … Continue reading

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Yet another pair of boots

I was squeaking again, and this time it was driving Hubby nuts. I’m annoyed though as this is my newest pair of boots, those that were purchased not all that long ago. The same problem has occurred in that something … Continue reading

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Putting the Boot In

For a big girl, I am usually light on my feet. It’s not that I creep around, just that sometimes people don’t hear me coming. The whole world can hear me coming these days, and I’m annoyed about it. Whenever … Continue reading

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