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Do we love anyone enough………………

It’s Valentine’s Day, when the price of red roses rockets and Slush is in the air. On Monday, I saw a rather dishevelled young man digging around in his wallet for a ten pound note to pay for a nice … Continue reading

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Twosome Tuesday!

Darts tonight, and we’re playing at home. We’re also carrying out a little experiment. Hubby is coming up with me and we’re going early in the hope of having a couple of games before the rest of the team arrive. … Continue reading

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Playing the Loyalty Card

I bet most of us have been in the position of overhearing gossip and knowing more than most, but keeping quiet. When I was working in the bank, it was surprising the number of conversations which would stop in mid … Continue reading

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To be loved

Lay with me, feel my heartbeat against your ear, Touch me with the lightest caress, a whisper on my skin. Breathe with me, share the air, Be lulled by the rhythm: out, in, out, in. Feel with me emotions deep … Continue reading

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Simple as ABC

I have a few posts to go before hitting the magical number 1000, so I’ve decided to set myself a challenge and write a post on something beginning with each letter of the alphabet until I reach 1000. I know … Continue reading

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So long ago…………..

A post popped up in my reader today about meeting one’s Mr Right. As I was a bit stumped for a topic today, this is my story (thank you for the inspiration). The way Hubby and I met was not … Continue reading

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How I see it

The gift of sight is wondrous. The thought of never knowing colour, never seeing a sunrise, sunset or starlit sky, the bird that sings such a beautiful song, perhaps not even knowing what a bird is, or have no idea … Continue reading

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I like to share

Hubby and I must look a real sight walking down the road together these days. Some couples hold hands, or link arms. Our hands are otherwise occupied as we whistle down the tarmac on our crutches and sticks. The whistling … Continue reading

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Out and About

Just quickly, as I’ve added this to my About page : I’ve been at this for a few months now, and trying to post an entry every day. Sometimes I lack inspiration and then I’ll see something (or someone) out … Continue reading

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Christmas Past

I like to be prepared, and in the past would start my Christmas preparations in August before the shops begin to brim with the tinselled tat that costs a bomb and lasts less than 5 minutes in the hands of … Continue reading

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